Psychosis and Spirituality: Inner Journeys in a Time of Transition


Organised by The Spiritual Crisis Network, this Conference will take place on 10 November 2011 at John Moores University, Liverpool.

The conference will focus on psychosis and its relationship to spirituality, altered states of consciousness and unusual experiences and how these can be used constructively to facilitate recovery in people with mental health difficulties.

Speakers include Consultant Psychiatrist Dr Christopher Findlay, Consultant Clinical Psychologists Dr Mike Jackson and Isabel Clarke, Janice Hartley (Director of Spiritual Crisis Network) and Dr Jessica Bockler (theatre director and actress).

“From breakdown to breakthrough” is the motto of the Spiritual Crisis Network. Their aim is to promote understanding and support for those going through profound personal transformation.

“Spiritual crisis (often called Spiritual Emergency, Emergence, Awakening or psycho-spiritual crisis) is a turbulent period of spiritual opening and transformation” according to the charity. They note that spiritual crises and mental health difficulties often overlap.

For further information on the conference please visit their website by clicking here

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